Items not synced with OneDrive for Business

Several of our end-users are experiencing this error with OneDrive for Business Sync stating that they don’t have proper credentials and they are needed to be re-entered.

OneDriveFor BusinessCredential2.png

Only a sideways note to credential manager. Our TRT was able to find a link with a user documenting a fix, but others were not able to replicate all the time:

Following the instructions of the office support community:

  1. The error message usually occurs when we do not have sufficient permissions on for site. Could you grant yourself (not any SharePoint group) at least the read permission for the site and check if the issue persists?

Pointless, as I am the FULL CONTROL owner of the site.

  1. Open any Office application, like Outlook client app, and click File / Office Account. Under the connected services, select “add a service” -> “Storage” -> “Office 365 SharePoint“, and then follow the prompts to enter your credentials, etc. Please check to see if the issue persists.OneDriveForBusinessSync3.png

And YES the issue persists. Any ideas @OneDrive gurus?


Heres hoping the powers of OneDrive for Business Gurus help guide  us and our end-users/educators to the right solution.

Any ideas @timferro @macksigman or @scottshearer @mrshadeed @rimareyes?

Hugs for helping.

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OneDrive for business vs SharePoint – Good article by SharePoint Maven

One of the FAQs we continue to field, in ours as well as am sure in other organizations, especially if they are in their early process of adaptation to Office 365 apps is: When to use OneDrive and when to SharePoint.

Check out below, the link to a post I came across this eve by Mr.Zelfond. Same information I’ve been communicating to those that asked me the question as well these past two years but here it is in detail and spot on crisp explanation for your reading!

To sum it up again In two points:

  1. OneDrive collaboration is best if its just yours(and a choice few you trust)
  2. Whereas SharePoint collaboration is best if with your entire team via site/document libraries.

Makes sense too no? Their nomenclature(in my opinion alone and everyone is entitled to their own) after-all its NOT ShareDrive and OnePoint 🙂

Trust the post helps clarify the topic for those that are still curious about best practices usage for the two apps in their Office 365 environment.

Happy SharePointing and Office365ing folks.


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Office 365 SharePoint Online: Student Accounts-Stop access to staff SharePoint site contents

Office 365 with OneDrive are a great combination of tools to use for Collaboration. Especially in educational environments. Teachers and Students can collaborate on courseworks, homeworks, projects and students with their OneDrive can collaborate among their classmates on projects.

Schools and colleges can use SharePoint Online’s Team site to create a space for Schools, Departments or any other divisions that best applies to their environment and manage their documents online collaborating with the various apps available out of the box as well as custom apps that address their specific business requirements.

Now when you choose your students to be licensed for Office 365  and decide to give them SharePoint,Office Online and 365 Pro Plus


You can be guaranteed that your students get the tools that you want them to have. As seen in the picture below


Excited students, clicking on Sites and “Search Everything” say something like
“Test” and happen to bump into the test papers that Teachers shared in SharePoint sites or in their “Shared With Everyone” folders, that won’t be  good..:)

How  to stop the documents appearing in search results from SharePoint Sites when students search it?

There are only two ways to solve the problem from what I found.

  1. Get Standalone OneDrive for Business license to students accounts.


  1. Create two AD groups
  2. All Staff/ All SharePoint Users – whatever naming convention feels appropriate and
  3. All Students


RemoveAll authenticated users’ from SharePoint team site members/visitors group or any other groups that this is added to.

Once the two disparate AD accounts are created, addAll Staff/All SharePoint Users’ AD group to site group that they need access to.

This will not only ensure SharePoint Libraries OneDrive for Business Sync for All Staff, but also stop Student accounts from accessing SharePoint sites/ its shared contents.

This is how you stop students from accessing contents of SharePoint sites they aren’t supposed to access.

Trust this helps someone trying to accomplish the same!

Have fun SharePointing!