OneDrive for business vs SharePoint – Good article by SharePoint Maven

One of the FAQs we continue to field, in ours as well as am sure in other organizations, especially if they are in their early process of adaptation to Office 365 apps is: When to use OneDrive and when to SharePoint.

Check out below, the link to a post I came across this eve by Mr.Zelfond. Same information I’ve been communicating to those that asked me the question as well these past two years but here it is in detail and spot on crisp explanation for your reading!

To sum it up again In two points:

  1. OneDrive collaboration is best if its just yours(and a choice few you trust)
  2. Whereas SharePoint collaboration is best if with your entire team via site/document libraries.

Makes sense too no? Their nomenclature(in my opinion alone and everyone is entitled to their own) after-all its NOT ShareDrive and OnePoint 🙂

Trust the post helps clarify the topic for those that are still curious about best practices usage for the two apps in their Office 365 environment.

Happy SharePointing and Office365ing folks.


#office365, #onedrive, #sharepoint

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