Nintex Form For Office 365 – Edit Task Form

Really excited about this feature availability in Nintex form for Office365, ‘Edit Task Form

We can assign tasks to approvers two ways in  Nintex workflow for Office 365

  1. Assign a Task action(ability to capture task id)
  2. Start a task process (multiple users are assigned tasks at the same time and workflow continues based on the setting you applied in the action, but you can’t get task ID-atleast that I know of)

Once Lazy approval is enabled, you can save a lot of time for approvers, who simply replies the task assignment email with ‘Yes/No or other accepted terms for approval and rejection, without even going to SharePoint site workflow task list. Very cool! But, what if they want to add comments?

Until now, I have been doing a little trick and so have others that i’ve observed 🙂 As you can see in the pic below, I used to give approvers (prior to Edit Task Form option availability in Assign a Task action.)

  1. A hyperlink to task edit item
  2. Images describing how to edit their task and
  3. More images to show how to add comments & then finally approve/reject as seen in pic below:

Well, that all ends now!

Check out the Edit task option of July 30th update to Nintex forms for Office 365.

All we have to do is to customize the task form, make all the required changes(remove columns, add section headings, labels etc., and then save the form.) It automatically loads ‘Comments‘ column from the task list so that is mighty cool as well. And that means we don’t have to do the funky task ID = GUID = get the description that matches the Id of task and the save the description to the approvers comment column back in the (phew….and ciao!). Yes I did blog about how cool it was to get comments that way a while ago, And no we don’t need this anymore!
Now that our Office 365 version has this custom task form option, who needs those funky GUID comparision anyway eh! Certainly not me and if you have Nintex for O365 license, you shouldn’t either 🙂


And the custom task form I redirect my approvers to is as seen below. Cleaner, simpler and efficient.



What is cool is also that the item this task is associated is available for approver to see right there in the customized task form view. No more clicking to go to SharePoint list to see what the user details are either.



  1. Hi Swetha
    I have an InfoPath form where I submit the form to a number of approvers. I have configured the approval process using Start a task process in nintex since tasks should be assigned in parallel to all the approvers. I am having three outcomes- Approved, Rejected and Delegated. If anyone of the approvers reject the form, then the form should go back to the initiator.
    Once the form gets rejected, the same form should be available for editing. But in my form I have a rule when Status=sumbitted, hide the Save/Submit section. Is there anyway to update the Status of the form to Draft in the case of rejection?
    To be more clear, is there way to update a sharepoint library field based on the nintex task outcome?



  2. Hello,

    if one user working in the Task item like if he marks as “In progress”, i want to disable the Task form for another user in Nintex Form.

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