Google alert in your #Office365 #SharePoint Page

Ever wondered how to include Google alerts in your SharePoint page. Here is how you do it. There is an out-of-the-box action called RSS Viewer web part in SharePoint that allows you to include any RSS feeds in your site page.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Go to google alerts where you want to setup the alerts and log in
  2. Setup alert for whatever you wish to set alerts for. I did SharePoint and Office 365 of-course. 😉googlealert1.png
  3. You can see the alert settings as seen in the picture below
  4. Then choose Deliver to RSS feed instead of email alert.
  5. The RSS feed is now available for you as hyperlink. You can click on the RSS icon to make sure the link works. Now copy the hyperlink in the webpage googlealert5
  6. Off we go to our SharePoint page where we are inserting the google alert we subscribed to.
  7. Edit Page > INSERT > Web Part > Content Rollup > RSS Viewergooglealert6
  8. It will insert the viewer and you cna now edit the web part to include your RSS feed URL in the web part properties section.googlealert7
  9. Give the google alert RSS in ‘RSS Feed URL‘ box and there you go!googlealert8

That’s it! Enjoy your alert in your site.

Happy SharePointing.




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