Why #Office365, why #SharePoint, why #Nintex and why #cloudcollaboration?

That picture above is why!

Device agnosticism at its best. I got curious about my new “smart” TV’s  “www” browser. 

What does an inquisitive brain that loves SharePoint does? 

It tries to see if it can log into its office 365 SharePoint site from its TV’s browser. YES IT CAN!!!

It also sees if it can view its lists and libraries from the tv. And…YES IT CAN!

Hmmm… Can it create a workflow using Nintex apps for Office 365 from its super smart TV.  Guess what! OFCOURSE  IT CAN!

How cool is that! WOOT! 

Who is limited to  laptop/ desktop or even tablet anymore to be productive online and for their cloud collaboration necessities? Certainly not me. 🙂

Loving LG OLED curve super smart TV, #Office365, #Nintex and the holiday season. 

Have fun watching, sorry working TV. Oh! And happy holidays! 🙂

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