Color combination cheat sheet – #ui #ux #uiuxcolors

Sharing what I think will be useful for reference for a lot of designers out there. When you have a Good guide like this to pick colors from while you design your app UI, you save quite a bit of time and can generate a lot of hits/interests.

UI/UX makes a big difference in how often, how much  and how easy your end users find and use your solutions. I’ve been involved in projects that were technically brilliant but never picked up amongst customers, even though it filled a huge gap and need in the market, primarily because the user interface was plain. It was pretty easy to use once we taught the power-user how to interact with it, but it was in shell. 🙂 While its all a matter of preference and one can always argue about this, it definitely helps to have a simple yet coordinated color interface that would pique your customers interest.

So, got an app idea? Have a cool solution, want an easy guide of color combo to pretty it up? Check this page out:

Good luck designing!

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