Protect your eyes #bluelightfilter

I recently came across this app called f.lux which in my opinion is a MUST HAVE for information technologists like me, who are glued to their devices 20 out of 24 hours and at times 26 out of 24 hours.

Why you ask?
Because we need to keep our eyes loving us and happy if we plan on continuing the same lifestyle for a while.

Digital eyestrain can affect our quality of life quite a bit. We all know that we are constantly straining our eyes, by staring at one or another type of screen that emits blue light.

So what if it does? Nothing really, if you don’t care about the quality of your sleep or the strain that those lights put on your eyes, which I think could be comparable to looking at sun all day long. Not too nice sounding is it now?

There are screen protectors that filter out UV/ Blue light for your phones and tablets. But software solutions like f.lux, make this blue light situation a little easier to address on desktops and laptops. Please note that neither was I involved in creation of the app nor am I getting paid for promotion. Just spreading the word because I found this very helpful and could feel considerable relief from eye fatigue.


I added the app to my Windows 10 device and it works like a charm. You even have the option to change the lighting per your convenience. Not available for iDevices unless we jailbreak them per f.lux site.

Personally, I think it’ll be cool if UV/blue light filters become a standard and as a part of OS, so we don’t have to worry about installing them separately or it playing nice with the devices we purchase.

If you know of other apps like these, feel free to share about them in comments.

Stay warm and see warm! #bluelightfilter #eyestrain #screenprotection

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