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Nintex Forms For Office 365- July 30 update and permission to create forms

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 In our SharePoint Online environment, we have started deep diving into Nintex apps for Office 365 both forms and workflows.

We also started creating sites for each of our complex forms and workflow processes apps.

So when one of our power users of an app trie to open the list for customizing using Nintex form, we noticed that inspite of the user having full control to the site, he wasn’t abale to open the form for customization and was stuck with


checking license information
checking license information

So, I go and what do I see, beautiful form when I clicked the Nintex form customization option. I feel special and bask in the affection of my sweet nintex…

Well what do you know or what you should’ve known is that as powerful as the user was in the subsite with Full control, the minimum permissions to open the Nintex Workflow/Forms Designer:

On the list the form user needs to have full control, on the site, the form user needs read permission and on the site collection, the user needs Read as well.

In case the form/ workflow buttons are not visible, check whether the user trying to access has full control or not.

The minimum permissions to Install Nintex Workflow / Nintex forms is ‘Site collection administrator’.

In order to update your Nintex form for Office 365 follow the below steps

  • Go to the site where you have installed Nintex form
  • Site Contents > Nintex form for office 365 app > Update
  • You will have to trust the app and that should let you use all the latest released features.
Nintex Form for O365 Update
Nintex Form for O365 Update

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