FEDSPUG – LoudounSPUG Kick off session – August 4, 2015

What an amazing kick-off session it was last evening at our FEDSPUG-LoudounSPUG. Mack Sigman(Director, Service Line Lead – Mid Atlantic Region Collaboration Services for Avanade) and  Dan Naselius(Chief Operating Officer for CorasWorks) gave our group an introduction to CorasCloud. AWESOME tool that is really well integrated with SharePoint Online and Office 365. If you or your organization is using Office 365 you should  totally checkout CorasCloud.

CorasCloud, lets users(note the keyword users, you don’t need to know code to build apps, I totally love that)  build and customize apps. Loads power to power users! Woot! I totally loved the apps we saw during Dan’s talk. Systems/ tools/ applications, that empowers users to be creators enables them to have their perfect tailor made solution for their environmetn and business needs. That way what we saw last eve with @corascloud was super cool!

And anyone that knows me, know how much I am fond of Nintex. Applications with complex workflow processes that take months to create are done in weeks if not days with NIntex apps. CorasCloud is a Nintex technology partner!

Now for some cool clicks.

Our rockstars for the eve!  Mack & Dan
Our rockstars for the eve! Mack & Dan
And the awesome CorasCloud.
And the awesome CorasCloud.
Check us out!
Check us out!
Yep, we had a few Surface, Mac, HP and a few other fancy mobile devices! And we saw the presentation in the cloud! #DeviceAgnostic

Lspug6 Lspug7

I think Craig was checking the projector in the ceiling and figuring out how to connect.
I think Craig was checking the projector in the ceiling and figuring out how to connect.


Thanks so much Dan and Mack for coming all the way to Leesburg and talking Office 365 with us SharePoint and Office 365 enthusiasts. We couldn’t have asked for a better topic to kick start our FEDSPUG-LoudounSPUG Office 365 – SharePoint Online special interest group.

And for all those that attended the event, it was amazing to see you all and we get to do this all over again on September 1st.  Mark your calendars!  Session details to be mailed soon and it will be just as informative and awesome as our first one was.

Join us in the twitter verse! our handle LSPUG @LoudounSPUG

Happy SharePointing!

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