We are limitless and device agnostic

So, I started my Yammer yesterday and was looking at Sway today.  Happened to bump into(well, I kinda searched for it so I intentionally bumped into a video that talked about how you can use Microsoft Sway|Microsoft Education. It was very informative and cool to see how integrating technology and mobile devices increases the opportunities for both educators and students alike to share contents with their peers be it for group projects or team work. Or when its neither, maintain content that are private in their OneDrive. One can choose to share/ not to share immaterial of the devices they use/operating system they use.

Capabilities of all the different mobile tools for collaboration have had an exponential growth over the past couple years. Mobile first methodology seems to be the omnipresent mantra of today and it is awesome for a multitude of reasons.

From the perspective of a technologist, I love the flexibility it offers to me, to work whenever I want to immaterial of where I am. I am not limited to space & time, so that kinda makes me an all-pervading omnipresent being too eh!  well, as long as I have my mobile device chargers that is.

As a professional educator I love how I can now tap not only my colleagues expertise, but also the fellow educators expertise across the globe. We can even collaborate together on literally ANY document we want. We can Delve into our knowledge base, Mix(PowerPoint), Share(Point), Sway and (One)Drive our collaborated content and share it with the rest of the world. We are just getting started yet we already are #Limitless and #DeviceAgnostic.

What you see here is a snapshot #Sway on iPhone with Microsoft Optical technology, that recognizes the edges and ends in the cropped image

Sway app on iPhone
Sway app on iPhone
and automatically converts in to a format that can then be customized with captions and custom texts. Link to this video is at the bottom of this post.

Sway app on iPhone
Sway app on iPhone

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