Behind/Warning and New requests – empty list view footer text: #Office365 #SharePoint Online quick tip


When we have a list web part view with zero items in it, we want custom text to appear.

Empty? What?

In a list view filtered web part, when there are no records to show, a friendly standard message appears in the footer. “There are no items to show in this view of the list”

To replace that with custom message of your(your teams obviously!) choice use this script below:

You can find the id of the webpart using inspect element of your browser developer tools.

$(“#empty-WPQ2”).html(“No BEHIND requests in queue!”);
$(“#empty-WPQ3”).html(“No WARNING requests in queue!”);
$(“#empty-WPQ4”).html(“No NEW requests in queue!”);

Moral of the story(?!huh!?): DOM/script rules!


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