Removable USB Flash Disc detected but driver not found, ahhhh… Edit

I was trying to plug in the flash drive, my laptop gave me the traditional sound(tadum!!), found new hardware message and then recognized the hard drive. When I went to look at my drives, I could not find the pen drive connected.

Now I have plugged and unplugged multiple times but nothing happens(ok, that was a bit dramatic, didn’t have to do that as many times as I did…I was just hoping for a miracle to happen) The drive does not show up.

Then, I stopped plugging and unplugging 🙂

Now, what?

I tried the following steps,

1. My Computer –> Manage –>Disk Management –> Check to see if the removable USB device is added and to which drive it gets added to.—>Change the driver letter…

VOILA…we have our files from the removable USB flash disk in our new driver (in my case ‘O’)

Good luck(plugging and unplugging)

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