#Office365 SharePoint Online media page with video download link shortcut

Evening everyone! Hope your long weekend days are going faster than mine which seems to stretch forever…so I figured I’d blog hoping it’d make atleast an hour of the day pass quickly. Time is a weird thing indeed. When the mind is busy coining words and the digits busy  typing before the mind finishes dictating, the needles in the clock seem to run at a higher speed…hmm…success and #winning (?!)

Business Requirement:

So, our end user wanted to share videos on their SharePoint site for their team/schools/departments to quickly access videos and should they choose, be able to download it in the click of a hyperlink.
(Yes, I want to hit download and download it right away, instead of >…> then click the item and then click the name of the video, so I can download the video…sounds pretty long a process doesn’t it? Well, in reality its not. But, we do save a few clicks for our users and that’s always a win!)


Here is one solution I provided that resonated well with my users and satisfied their needs. There are always a lot of different ways to accomplish any given task and this is one of those.

  1. We need a place to store the videos in the site so Create Site Assets library(in this example I named it RP Videos)
  2. Upload the video to RP Videos Sites Assets Library by dragging and dropping the video from folder to ‘Site Assets’ library.vidlink1
  3. Create a Custom List with two additional columns of data type: Hyperlinks
    1. Link to video
    2. Download
    3. And one column for description
  4. To add items to the list follow the items below.-
    1. For ‘link to video’ column click on the video thumbnail above which will open the item, then click on the ‘Name’ hyperlink to get the URL of the video to add in the picture below Link to video section. Add description ‘Watch’, which users will click to view the video online 
    2. For ‘Download’ link we have to use the below shortcut to get to download.aspx page of SharePoint which will allow us to get to downloading the document/library file without having to click … https://YourAwesomeSharePointSite/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=https://YourAwesomeSharePointSite/RP%20Videos/Restorative%20Practices_shortversion.mov

Your custom list with shortcut video links is ready to be shared with your end-users! Now if you want to customize it further, so as to just allow your users to see the content in the library and not be able to upload/edit/see ribbons etc.,

  1. Limit their permissions 🙂
  2. Create a Site Page(RP Media Page in this example)
  3. Insert the App Part for ‘RP Media Links’ to RP Media Page and edit webpart to set Chrome type to None and Toolbar to ‘No Toolbar’ and save the page.
  4. You can also include videos in the page via ‘Video’ insert > address and give URL of video.(videos below the app part in this image below)


Cool observation, you could play both videos at the same time! What purpose does that serve you ask? Its just fun to watch multi video webparts play videos at the same time!

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Office365 SharePoint contents are empty- ISSUE @OfficeSupport

Any info on what is going on at Office 365 SharePoint sites?

No contents are visible for any of our sites/collections. Are there any known issues that are being  fixed by MS engineers via update?

https://lcpsorg.sharepoint.com is our tenant.

I am an administrator and I CAN NOT see anything in my SharePoint admin center. This is affecting 1000’s of users functionality(educators and classroom collaboration as well as admins and team sites) and any help is much appreciated.

Please find screen shots attached. This is very important we get it fixed for our schools.

Thank You.


Swetha Sankaran
E-mail | LinkedIn | @SwethaSan | @WSPDC | Meetup | Cell | Blog

Items not synced with OneDrive for Business

Several of our end-users are experiencing this error with OneDrive for Business Sync stating that they don’t have proper credentials and they are needed to be re-entered.

OneDriveFor BusinessCredential2.png

Only a sideways note to credential manager. Our TRT was able to find a link with a user documenting a fix, but others were not able to replicate all the time: https://community.office365.com/en-us/f/172/t/253213

Following the instructions of the office support community:

  1. The error message usually occurs when we do not have sufficient permissions on for site. Could you grant yourself (not any SharePoint group) at least the read permission for the site and check if the issue persists?

Pointless, as I am the FULL CONTROL owner of the site.

  1. Open any Office application, like Outlook client app, and click File / Office Account. Under the connected services, select “add a service” -> “Storage” -> “Office 365 SharePoint“, and then follow the prompts to enter your credentials, etc. Please check to see if the issue persists.OneDriveForBusinessSync3.png

And YES the issue persists. Any ideas @OneDrive gurus?


Heres hoping the powers of OneDrive for Business Gurus help guide  us and our end-users/educators to the right solution.

Any ideas @timferro @macksigman or @scottshearer @mrshadeed @rimareyes?

Hugs for helping.

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OneDrive for business vs SharePoint – Good article by SharePoint Maven

One of the FAQs we continue to field, in ours as well as am sure in other organizations, especially if they are in their early process of adaptation to Office 365 apps is: When to use OneDrive and when to SharePoint.

Check out below, the link to a post I came across this eve by Mr.Zelfond. Same information I’ve been communicating to those that asked me the question as well these past two years but here it is in detail and spot on crisp explanation for your reading! http://sharepointmaven.com/onedrive-for-business-sharepoint/

To sum it up again In two points:

  1. OneDrive collaboration is best if its just yours(and a choice few you trust)
  2. Whereas SharePoint collaboration is best if with your entire team via site/document libraries.

Makes sense too no? Their nomenclature(in my opinion alone and everyone is entitled to their own) after-all its NOT ShareDrive and OnePoint 🙂

Trust the post helps clarify the topic for those that are still curious about best practices usage for the two apps in their Office 365 environment.

Happy SharePointing and Office365ing folks.


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SharePoint Document Library – invisible document mystery


Your staff have full admin rights over SharePoint site.   Staff uploaded number of documents to a folder on Shared library on your SharePoint site.   However, no one can see the files uploaded to the folder on the shared drive.


This happens because of version control enabled in your Shared Document library.

The green down arrow in the word document icon right to check mark, means the document is checked out and won’t be visible until its checked back in.

You can disable version control if you don’t want to be checking in documents as well.  More information on version control: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3050531

Steps to remove versioning: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Enable-and-configure-versioning-for-a-list-or-library-1555d642-23ee-446a-990a-bcab618c7a37


Your staff who you have shared document with will be able to see it in their site’s document library now post Check In!

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Nintex for Office 365 Workflow Designer Error – Oops! Something went wrong is right now! – Swetha Sankaran

Recently we had an issue with a huge workflow where the workflow would not publish and fail with Oops error. I could not export the workflow either.

Nintex customer support in https://community.nintex.com as always rocked and they got back to me with possible potential fixes pretty fast.

One of the recommendations was to split up the workflow into multiple to avoid stability issues. While there was not any published limitations and recommendations for the design of Nintex workflow for Office 365, the recommended solution was spot on and resolved my issue. Check out the image of my Workflow Gallery showing all the parent and child workflows.

I split the workflow into smaller ones and started them in parallel block and it worked as expected. So far so good and everything gets published without issues.Child workflows

One limitation I DID find was for the number of variables. I had 53 and the publishing failed with message below.


Error publishing workflow. Workflow XAML failed validation due to DynamicActivity having more than 50 arguments.
Due to the number of fields in the current list, I had to create variables to save values from a number of selected dropdown lookup systems.  We had 53 variables out of which 4 weren’t being used in the Parent Workflow.

But found the solution and applied and workflow published successfully phew!


Just blogging in case anyone else finds this useful.

Thanks @NintexSupport I just wanted to send an update after I wrapped the blocks up so I’ll not give false alarm. You guys rock and your customer support continues to be exceptional. Thanks and this is much appreciated.

Special thanks to  Pavel Svetleachni – Nintex Support and or the quick idea and to Frank Field – Nintex Support for the fast reply always.

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Women In SharePoint DC

Stepping up as president and organizer of Women in SharePoint DC – Swetha Sankaran

Wanted to share an awesome news!

What an honor and blessing this is, to be nominated for being the next PresidentWomen In SharePoint DC and I am thrilled to accept the very kind and generous offer. I have stepped up to the role effective 11/2/2015 and will strive to do justice to it. Thanks  #FEDSPUG  and #WSPDC for continuing to believe in me. You guys rock!

Meetup site for WSPDC-FEDSPUG– Check us out!

Eagerly looking forward to doing great things and giving back to our #Office 365 and #SharePoint end-user community. Those who know me well, know my passion for sharing, enabling, educating, supporting and promoting self-sufficiency for those that need support and help(SharePoint/ Office365 or otherwise 🙂 ).

Making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of folks that need help and reach out to us as well as those that do but can’t – means a LOT to me. The story you shared with me was truly inspirational Rima, you are fabulous and amazing for what you do.  Hi5 you rockstar you!! While I hope nobody has to go through tough times, if ever they do, and if we can be of assistance, I truly hope to be there and do all that I can to assist. This is going to be a great journey and one I am eagerly looking forward to take.

Truly an honor and thank YOU BOTH (Mack and Rima)!

Swetha Sankaran, President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC

Swetha Sankaran
President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC
Co-organizer FEDSPUG

SharePoint Saturday DC Fall 2015 – It’s here!

All set and awaiting my talk at #spsdc

Exciting sessions & great speakers! Ready with my big learning hat & my mini speaker hat on! 😉

Room 3, Time 4 is where I will be at with my slide & laptop(oh! and everywhere else when not there! Now if I can clone myself and place one in every talk, that will be the awesomest thing ever!  But, I’ve not tested my TimeTravellingTeleportedClone app yet so…next time!)

Session details
Session details

SharePoint Saturday – SPSDC Reston #SPSDC Reston 2015,3 October 2015 from 8:45am to 5:15pm

Check out my session’s Office Mix slide deck here!! 


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iPad and iPad mini Nintex form display cut off on the right, both landscape and portrait in SharePoint online – Fix

In your SharePoint online(or on premise) sites when you have end-users requesting just a form to submit via their mobile devices and nothing else as in the links in left navigation panel, as the site is not responsive to mobile devices and the form’s view gets snipped as seen in the pic below

iPad and Nintex forms with left navigation panel making form difficult to use
iPad and Nintex forms with left navigation panel making form difficult to use

and generally difficult to use for those that want to submit multiple items quickly, you can try the below solution that I implemented which solved the issue with form view.

  1. Create a custom page and call it mobile view form or something to that effect that makes it easy for users to link when they are in their mobile devices
  2. Inset the form web part and display the new item form in the web part
  3. Include a script editor web part and paste the code below:

    <style type=”text/css”>
    #contentBox {
    margin-left: 0px;

  4. What this does is, it hides the left navigation panel in your SharePoint site page  and sets the size to be 0. So all that is in your mobile page is just theform for submitting data. You can set the redirect link for the page to be the one for mobile form submit as well and it’ll take care of the issue for your end users.

    Left navigation panel fixed
    Left navigation panel fixed

Edited active directory user profile property not updated in SharePoint site collection

Scenario: User profile property(last name) in your organization’s Active Directory was edited for a user/set of users but, the change is not reflected in SharePoint Online site collection.

Why? I can think of two reasons;

Reason 1-Your site collection loves the user(s) old profile property so much that it refuses to let go of it.

Reason 2. User(s) is not flagged as active on the site.

As much as I want to believe that reason 1 is right and my SharePoint  site adores me, it definitely is not the case. Unfortunately SP is not evolved enough to have biologically based emotions. I know, bummer! That leaves us reason 2.

Lets look at AD profile sync in SharePoint and Office 365.

SharePoint online automatically does a one way sync from AD->O365->SharePoint every 24 hrs(default setting). If after the sync the profile still displays old info, you can remove user and add them again in site collection.

To remove user from all users group, go to gear icon on top right of O365-> Site Settings ->People and Groups(under Users and Permissions section).

Select the URL, replace MembershipGroupID=xyz with MembershipGroupID=0(yoursharepointsite url/sites/site collection name/_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupID=0)

Select and remove the incorrect user(s) from the group and re-add them again. The updates the underlying userInfo table which inturn updates your site collection user info.


Office support article
MS Support