External Sharing of Site Collections in #Office365 #SharePoint

Who is an external user in Office 365 SharePoint Online environment?

“An external user is someone ‘outside’ of your organization who can access SharePoint Online sites and documents but does not have a license for your SharePoint Online or Microsoft Office 365 subscription. External users are NOT employees, contractors, or onsite agents for you/ your affiliates.”

Types of External Users:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 User (Different Tenant)
  2. Microsoft Account(Live, Hotmail, Outlook etc.,)
  3. Guest users/Anonymous users(Accessing individual documents via guest link)

How to enable External Sharing feature in Office 365 SharePoint Online:

  1. Via SharePoint Online Admin Center or
  2. SharePoint Online Management Shell

External Sharing via SharePoint Online Admin Center

  1. Turn ON External sharing GLOBALLY in the TENANT via SharePoint admin Center > settings > External sharing



  1. Turn ON External sharing for that INDIVIDUAL site collection.

External Sharing Options:

  1. Don’t allow sharing outside the organization
    1. Users will NOT be able to share sites or content with users who do NOT have LICENSES to your Office 365 subscription.
    2. External sharing CANNOT be turned on for ANY site collection
  2. Allow external users who accept sharing invitations and sign in as authenticated users
    1. Users with FULL CONTROL permission CAN share sites with external users
    2. ALL external users will be required to sign-in ONLY with a MICROSOFT ACCOUNT before they can view content
    3. Invitations for content share once accepted CANNOT be shared/used by others to gain access. It’s very specific to account that got the invitation.
  3. Allow both external users who accept sharing invitations AND guest links
    1. External users required to sign in before viewing content on a shared site
    2. Full Control users of a site can choose to require Sign-in/ share via guest link for anonymous document access.
    3. Users who are sharing a document in the site can grant permission to view/edit based on their permission level
    4. Guest Links: (PUBLIC documents).Allows external users to view or edit content WITHOUT SIGNING-IN. CAN be shared/ invitation forwarded to ANYONE with the link to access the document

Turn ON External sharing in the tenant DOES NOT MEAN that site collections underneath are automatically shared. We NEED to enable PER site collection as required.

External Sharing via SharePoint Online Management Shell

SharingOptions in Command Line corresponding to GUI options of SP Online Admin Center:

  1. Disabled
  2. ExternalUserSharingOnly
  3. ExternalUserAndGuestSharing

To GET and SET the External sharing options via PowerShell:

  1. Connect-SPOService https://xyz-admin.sharepoint.comES1
  2. GET the site collection and assign it in a variable and verify the Sharing capability$SC=Get-SPOSite  https://xyz.sharepoint.com (root collection)$SC.SharingCapability


  3. SET external sharing for site collections viaSet-SPOSite -Identity https://xyz.sharepoint.com/sites/collection -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing
  1. Get ExternalUsers for the site collection and filter them as well as export to .csv/.txt file
    1. Get-SPOExternalUser -SiteUrl https://xyz.sharepoint.com/sites/collection -Filter @Hotmail.com > ExternalUsers.CSV
      Get-SPOExternalUser gets ALL external users in the tenant.
    2. Get-SPOExternalUser -SiteUrl https://xyz.sharepoint.com/sites/collectionES4

Once we enable External Sharing using either one of the above mentioned methods, we can share our sites with users outside of our organization.

Sharing a site with non microsoft/ external organization account like xyz@qwe.com will

Send site invitation to xyz@qwe.comES5

Upon clicking the URL for the shared site, we get redirected to
es8Although External Sharing seemed to work with ANY email account, we require either

  • Office 365 Account (or)
  • Microsoft Account(Hotmail, live, outlook) Accounts work
    for sharing Site with external users.

What to do if we don’t have either? Stay tuned for update! 🙂


SharePoint Fest DC 2016 – April 27-29, 2016

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#Office365 SharePoint Online media page with video download link shortcut

Evening everyone! Hope your long weekend days are going faster than mine which seems to stretch forever…so I figured I’d blog hoping it’d make atleast an hour of the day pass quickly. Time is a weird thing indeed. When the mind is busy coining words and the digits busy  typing before the mind finishes dictating, the needles in the clock seem to run at a higher speed…hmm…success and #winning (?!)

Business Requirement:

So, our end user wanted to share videos on their SharePoint site for their team/schools/departments to quickly access videos and should they choose, be able to download it in the click of a hyperlink.
(Yes, I want to hit download and download it right away, instead of >…> then click the item and then click the name of the video, so I can download the video…sounds pretty long a process doesn’t it? Well, in reality its not. But, we do save a few clicks for our users and that’s always a win!)


Here is one solution I provided that resonated well with my users and satisfied their needs. There are always a lot of different ways to accomplish any given task and this is one of those.

  1. We need a place to store the videos in the site so Create Site Assets library(in this example I named it RP Videos)
  2. Upload the video to RP Videos Sites Assets Library by dragging and dropping the video from folder to ‘Site Assets’ library.vidlink1
  3. Create a Custom List with two additional columns of data type: Hyperlinks
    1. Link to video
    2. Download
    3. And one column for description
  4. To add items to the list follow the items below.-
    1. For ‘link to video’ column click on the video thumbnail above which will open the item, then click on the ‘Name’ hyperlink to get the URL of the video to add in the picture below Link to video section. Add description ‘Watch’, which users will click to view the video online 
    2. For ‘Download’ link we have to use the below shortcut to get to download.aspx page of SharePoint which will allow us to get to downloading the document/library file without having to click … https://YourAwesomeSharePointSite/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=https://YourAwesomeSharePointSite/RP%20Videos/Restorative%20Practices_shortversion.mov

Your custom list with shortcut video links is ready to be shared with your end-users! Now if you want to customize it further, so as to just allow your users to see the content in the library and not be able to upload/edit/see ribbons etc.,

  1. Limit their permissions 🙂
  2. Create a Site Page(RP Media Page in this example)
  3. Insert the App Part for ‘RP Media Links’ to RP Media Page and edit webpart to set Chrome type to None and Toolbar to ‘No Toolbar’ and save the page.
  4. You can also include videos in the page via ‘Video’ insert > address and give URL of video.(videos below the app part in this image below)


Cool observation, you could play both videos at the same time! What purpose does that serve you ask? Its just fun to watch multi video webparts play videos at the same time!

#Office365 #SharePoint #Videos

Office365 SharePoint contents are empty- ISSUE @OfficeSupport

Any info on what is going on at Office 365 SharePoint sites?

No contents are visible for any of our sites/collections. Are there any known issues that are being  fixed by MS engineers via update?

https://lcpsorg.sharepoint.com is our tenant.

I am an administrator and I CAN NOT see anything in my SharePoint admin center. This is affecting 1000’s of users functionality(educators and classroom collaboration as well as admins and team sites) and any help is much appreciated.

Please find screen shots attached. This is very important we get it fixed for our schools.

Thank You.


Swetha Sankaran
E-mail | LinkedIn | @SwethaSan | @WSPDC | Meetup | Cell | Blog

Items not synced with OneDrive for Business

Several of our end-users are experiencing this error with OneDrive for Business Sync stating that they don’t have proper credentials and they are needed to be re-entered.

OneDriveFor BusinessCredential2.png

Only a sideways note to credential manager. Our TRT was able to find a link with a user documenting a fix, but others were not able to replicate all the time: https://community.office365.com/en-us/f/172/t/253213

Following the instructions of the office support community:

  1. The error message usually occurs when we do not have sufficient permissions on for site. Could you grant yourself (not any SharePoint group) at least the read permission for the site and check if the issue persists?

Pointless, as I am the FULL CONTROL owner of the site.

  1. Open any Office application, like Outlook client app, and click File / Office Account. Under the connected services, select “add a service” -> “Storage” -> “Office 365 SharePoint“, and then follow the prompts to enter your credentials, etc. Please check to see if the issue persists.OneDriveForBusinessSync3.png

And YES the issue persists. Any ideas @OneDrive gurus?


Heres hoping the powers of OneDrive for Business Gurus help guide  us and our end-users/educators to the right solution.

Any ideas @timferro @macksigman or @scottshearer @mrshadeed @rimareyes?

Hugs for helping.

#office365, #onedrive, #onedrivesyncissues, #sharepoint

OneDrive for business vs SharePoint – Good article by SharePoint Maven

One of the FAQs we continue to field, in ours as well as am sure in other organizations, especially if they are in their early process of adaptation to Office 365 apps is: When to use OneDrive and when to SharePoint.

Check out below, the link to a post I came across this eve by Mr.Zelfond. Same information I’ve been communicating to those that asked me the question as well these past two years but here it is in detail and spot on crisp explanation for your reading! http://sharepointmaven.com/onedrive-for-business-sharepoint/

To sum it up again In two points:

  1. OneDrive collaboration is best if its just yours(and a choice few you trust)
  2. Whereas SharePoint collaboration is best if with your entire team via site/document libraries.

Makes sense too no? Their nomenclature(in my opinion alone and everyone is entitled to their own) after-all its NOT ShareDrive and OnePoint 🙂

Trust the post helps clarify the topic for those that are still curious about best practices usage for the two apps in their Office 365 environment.

Happy SharePointing and Office365ing folks.


#office365, #onedrive, #sharepoint